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How Health Data Laws are failing to Protect your Private Health Data

Health records are some of the most intimate data a person has. They are personal, invasive, and often uncomfortable. These data contain informatio...

There is No Emergency in a Pandemic

Why do we need to learn from past pandemics?

The Importance of Clinical Studies in Addressing COVID-19

These unprecedented times remind us of the importance of science and clinical research in developing our understanding of new threats and, most of ...

Time-tested measure of depression provides new insight for mobile health

The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) was originally developed in the sixties, by psychiatrist Aaron T. Beck, which worked as a great alternative to ...

What can we learn from Finland and Health Data @ The Digital Health Society Summit

The Digital Health Society Summit convened stakeholders from across Europe to discuss the advances, challenges and future state of Digital Health. ...

Mobile Health Offers Hope for Those with Migraine Disorder

It seems that mHealth apps for migraines work their magic by assisting in relaxation techniques, providing biofeedback, managing cognitive behavior...

Bowhead Health Wins Xconomy's Boston Biotech Week Startup Award

Bowhead Health took home first place in an international competition amongst 14 competing startups in the biotech space.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease mobile health allow patients to take control over their treatment

The data derived from these apps will be a major leap forward in the search for a cure. These electronic platforms are able to generate massive amo...

Sleep Cycles 101

There are five stages of sleep, which are categorized more broadly as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep. 

Are you drinking enough water?

Our bodies keep a strict regulation of water levels to ensure our organ systems are functioning properly. Sudden changes in our body’s water balanc...

The Rise of Digital Therapeutics

An update on Bowhead Health's development activities and upcoming roadmap.