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The Easy Way to Track Your Migraines

Bowhead Health engages with people who deal with migraines, to help them record triggers and experiences.

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Learn More About Your Migraines

Monitor your migraine triggers with Bowhead's easy to use app.

Discover how your migraines relate to your daily habits.

If you opt-in, you can contribute to medical breakthroughs

The Bowhead community may submit anonymized feedback on triggers, relief and symptoms. This data can help researchers.

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Your Easy to Use Migraine Journal

Tracking your migraines, times and details can be a very useful when showing your doctor the details of your experience.

Bowhead Health is building a secure ecosystem for sharing these details, in a HIPAA, GDPR and Health Canada compliant and easy to use format.

Contribute Your Anonymized Migraine Data to Research

We believe that if people share their anonymized migraine data this can can help researchers and doctors develop new strategies to combat migraine attacks.

The Bowhead Health platform rewards users for providing their anonymized health data.


We want to help millions have better access to healthcare

Bowhead Health is a startup friendly and we have designed our tools to be easy to use for developers from organizations of all shapes and sizes from startups to large institutions.

We are here to answer your questions