Genome Buddy DNA Test

Securely test your DNA and how your genes may be predisposed to certain traits, foods or lifestyle choices. 

Get the at-home test and in 4-6 weeks receive easy to read encrypted and private reports for over 60 different genes.

  • Obesity risk
  • Recommended exercise type
  • Recommended diet type
  • Alcohol reaction
  • Coffee metabolism
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Gluten intolerance
  • Sweet tooth
  • Sweet sensitivity
  • Bitter taste
  • Food desire
  • Eating disinhibition
  • Nutritional supplemental guide

Limit 1 purchase per account.



Keep all your legal global compliance in one place


Make it easy for your consumers or healthcare providers


Create an immutable record of all the consent

Bowhead rewards users

Bowhead rewards users

for contributing anonymous health data to research

The Standard in Digitally Enabled Clinical Trials

The Standard in Digitally Enabled Clinical Trials

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My awesome title

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