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Better health is at your fingertips

Better by Bowhead helps users track habits, log symptoms, and connect with a community to set goals to level-up their health.


Digital caring is the next frontier of healthcare.


1 in 4 people say digital health apps would motivate them to build healthier habits, but they can't make this shift alone.


More than half of consumers look to trusted healthcare providers to motivate healthier habits, yet only 11% said providers recommended digital tools.


Our team created Better to help patients, providers, and caregivers consolidate health data & ensure this data is always owned and controlled.

Data-driven preventative health is here.

Better helps users organize wearable data into an easy to understand dashboard, and securely share it with their doctors, caregivers, or medical researchers.

Users start their journey to better health by setting up their own encrypted health wallet

Community features allow users to connect with a global community to find support and share progress

100% Encryption

Your data is encrypted with blockchain based technology and only you have the private keys

Earn rewards

Every time you track your health, you earn AHT, which you can use to purchase health-related items on our marketplace.

Daily Journal

Track your water, sleep, digestion and migraine symptoms. Become more self aware and find the better you.

Choose to Contribute

Securely contribute to real world research verified by IRB

Your data is safe with you

Our blockchain infrastructure enables true health data ownership, allowing individuals to choose who has access to their data, for how long, and on what terms.