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Secure your health data

Traditional encryption isn't enough. Bowhead provides highly secure health data services that secures health data like nothing else on the market.

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Security with rewards built-in

Bowhead uses "smart contracts" to incentivize healthy behavior

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"Bowhead Health tackles yet another approach to personalized wellness."

Peter Diamandis, Chairman X Prize Foundation and Founder of Singularity University


"The community elements drive engagement beyond the mere incentive of tokens, making the app feel more like a movement and less like a fad."


"Your health records are secured on a ledger, that you, the patient, gets to control."

Contribute to medical research

You have the option to contribute your anonymized health data to medical research, and earn more rewards for it.

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Human-powered clinical trials

Researchers have the option of APIs or built-in analytic dashboards to access anonymized health data.

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The new standard in health data privacy

Patients First

for contributing their anonymized health data to research

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