Join us on a quest for better health.

Team Bowhead wants to partner with clinicians and researchers to explore the future of gaming and health.

The next generation of gamified health is here.


Better Quest is a virtual wellness world that manages your health goals and keeps you on track

As you meet daily wellness milestones, you earn rewards and unlock elements of the quest.

Did you know the FDA approved the first game-based digital therapeutic to improve ADHD in children in June 2020? This is the beginning of a new era of games that help us heal.

2019 National Institutes of Health study which found that video games may reduce symptoms associated with depression, and a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Royal Society Open Science found positive relation between game play and affective well-being for gamers playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Plants vs. Zombies.

The future for health gaming is now.

Habit trackers and survey apps won't engage the next generation of digital health consumers.

We need to design immersive digital health experiences that help people step into better health through joy and full body engagement.

Your data is safe with you

Built on our gold-standard privacy enabled blockchain platform which allows future integrations for secure data sharing. Users own and control their data, and are able to use their health data to power their health and happiness.