The Standard in Digitally Enabled Clinical Trials

We believe the future of health is powered by cutting edge research being done by universities, non-profit and industry.

Together, we believe we can generate a framework that empowers patients to securely contribute their anonymous health data to research while providing researchers with:

  • Digitally enabled clinical trials
  • HIPAA-compliant data
  • Analytics and custom dashboards

Security First

The Bowhead Protocol delivers security and ease of use. So researchers can focus on delivering the next generation of treatments and cures.

  • Integrate with many frameworks

    Use our APIs or Bowhead’s standard framework to launch your clinical trial

  • Easily deploy digital surveys and target the right users

    Use our APIs or Bowhead’s standard framework to launch your clinical trial

  • Track progress via a dashboard

    Watch your relevant patient based grow and interact securely with the community

  • Engage relevant stakeholders

    Share necessary data with stakeholders - doctors, field workers and scientists all with user roles and permissions

  • Consolidate your insights and key findings

    Develop your studies conclusion across several channels


Bowhead for Researchers

Only pay for the high quality patient data that you need

  • Secure anonymous health data.
  • Integrate with sensor data.
  • Guaranteed to be real humans (validated with 2FA)
  • Machine Learning anti-fraud algorithm to reduce risk of bots.

Bowhead Modules for Maximized Trial Efficiency and 360º Reporting

Bowhead's team has decades of experience conducting clinical trials Phase I-IV. These next generation tools are designed to streamline the patient onboarding to successful clinical study outcome.
  • iOS and Android companion app.
  • Apple Health Kit and Android Kit integration.
  • Support for medical devices.
  • Monitoring of medication adherence.
  • Healthy habits module.
  • Multivariate funnel tracking for improved participation.
  • CLIA-lab partners for DNA sample collection.
  • HIPAA-compliance for storage of Electronic Medical Records.
  • Partnership with at-home test providers (biome, vitamins, hormones).
  • Multi-Language.
  • HL7 compliant.