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Buoyant helps you stay afloat amongst life's waves.

We all deserve to have the access to the support we need to live happier, healthier lives.

Complete daily modules at your own pace, and unlock rewards as you meet your personalized goals.

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Digital caring is the next frontier of healthcare.


In 2020, half of Canadians waited up to 1 month for ongoing counselling services in the community, while 1 in 10 waited more than 4 months.


As people put their lives on pause while they await support, it's estimed that 70% of disability costs are mental health related.


In 2022, no one should have to wait to start living better. This is why we created Buoyant.

Buoyant helps you learn skills to live better with the guidance of virtual CBT sessions designed by psychologists.

  • Track your emotions, thoughts and behaviours
  • Sleep + healthy habits
  • Rewards + incentives for completing sections
  • Connect to mental health practitioners in your area

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Your data is safe with you

Our blockchain infrastructure enables true health data ownership, allowing individuals to choose who has access to their data, for how long, and on what terms.